Night Stalkers

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Night Stalkers

Post by Admin on Thu May 07, 2015 12:06 pm

English imports, the Night Stalkers are a recently formed Pack that congealed around the recently awakened Cecil Hely-Hutchinson.
The lack of available detail on them reflects their status as new arrivals.

Cecil Hely-Hutchinson (True Sabbat). Path of ?

An old Lasombra. Had been "missing, presumed staked or ashed" for centuries until recently reawoken. Joined the Sabbat when it was still the original Anarch rebellion.

Demonstrated Disciplines: ???

Eric Alighieri (True Sabbat). Path of Humanity.

A young Ventrue.

Demonstrated Disciplines: ???

Rupert Pryce (True Sabbat). Path of Humanity.

An expert scholar and master of arcane lore.

Demonstrated Disciplines: ???


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