The Choir of Devastation

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The Choir of Devastation

Post by Admin on Thu May 07, 2015 11:57 am

Half Pack, half Girl Band, as Eris likes to say. The Choir of Devastation have usually been a nomadic (touring) Pack with unusually good relations with the mortal world (useful, if somewhat degrading by Sabbat doctrine). They're currently recruiting; they're not actually picky about gender, but an ear for music (or at least a willingness to learn) would go a long way.

Eris (True Sabbat). Path of Humanity

An older Daughter of Cacophany, Eris loves the limelight. If people were picky about the Masquerade, she'd be a bit of a worry; her skills are superhuman, and her performances border on revealing this. The Choir's gigs are getting increasingly upmarket over time.

Demonstrated Disciplines: Melpominee 5

Angela (True Sabbat). Path of Humanity

A Gargoyle, Angela doesn't have much of a rep. She's solved some problems for the Archbishops of Sydney and Auckland, but no real details have been given. For performances, she doubles down and adds prosthetics to look even *more* inhuman.

Demonstrated Disciplines: ???

Alia (True Sabbat)


Demonstrated Disciplines: ???


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