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Pack Chimera

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Pack Chimera was at the heart of the conquest of Auckland, and is led by the current Archbishop. Founded by the whimsical Tzimisce Simon Zeus in conjunction with the deadly serious and incredibly devout Tremere Xifeng Anzu, about the only thing they agreed on was that Sydney was overcrowded and it was time to look elsewhere.


Simon Zeus (missing). Path of Power and the Inner Voice.

A young Tzimisce, Simon is best known for "Peg", his faithful invisible unicorn/pegasus.

Demonstrated Disciplines: Vicissitude 3

Jack Williams (Archbishop). Path of Humanity.

Jack is a simple Brujah. He's a warrior for the Sabbat, an asskicker who's going to keep fighting the Camarilla 'till either him or them are dead. He's not terribly happy about having to do politics, but he likes the rituals and the speeches.

Demonstrated Disciplines: Celerity 3, Potence 3

Xifeng Anzu (Bishop of Spirituality). Path of Caine.

Xifeng is a relatively young Tremere, but an absolute fanatic of the Church of Caine. Not much of a people person.

Demonstrated Disciplines: Lure of Flames 3

Arthur Medici (False Sabbat). Path of Humanity.

Arthur, also a Brujah, has been in the city longer than any other member of the Sabbat, because he used to be an Autarch on "we'll leave him be" terms with the Camarilla. He is reasonably well known in Vampire circles as a expert on all kinds of blood (including that of a wide number of supernatural beings). He maintains a blood cellar (both supernatural and various flavours of mortal blood), and is willing to trade portions of the contents for appropriate recompense.

Demonstrated Disciplines: ???


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